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29 Oct 2008

my 4th interview in icapital

tdy went tru my 4th interview in icapital early morning.. 3 hour exam fr 9-12pm.. section A: 4 set of obj paper, each set 30Q (grammer, math, comprehension, verbal test) section B: 3 set of assay Q (Q1-time value of money, Q2-my greatest achievement n failure, and Q3- 2 articles given n write down our own comment for tht particular investors..) so stress while doin, seem lik exam in sco las time.. but tis time more panic, cz nvr prepare b4 sit 4 exam.. cz i duno wat kind of Q wil be ask..after 3 hour test, break 1 hour 4 lunch n continue 4 interview..during de interview, thy hv 3 staffs ter by face to face with me ...2 case study been ask.. de 1st Q- let say u wan2 buy a cake shop, how u gona do an analysisb4 u buy.. Q2- how 2 analysis Padini holding..after de 2 case stdy, den continue with simple Q.. den end abt 3pm..tis interview tk very long time..abt 6 hours..n ned 2 wait abt 3 wek for confirmation.. icapital is a wel know company, 1st idependent investment advisor firm..de bes asset management firm..it is very gd if i can join in.. HSBC job ned 2 collec offer letter by tis fri..but i wok for maxis tis fri, so i may cal them n say i wil collec by nex wek.. so far, i haven decide, but if worst cm 2 worst, i wil wok 4 HSBC, learn corporate bankin stuff 1st..if icapital accept me, den i quit(mayb, but seem lik nt resposible, so i jz say 4 fun oly)so let thk abt it 1st.. icapital i realy nt confident, de exam stil ok, but de case stdy i fel lik thy r nt satisfied with my ans, thy kep saying:ok, den wat else, except...wat else.. i edi voice out wat i knw, my opinion n ideas, thy stil ask sumo.tht time oly me n 1 more candidate.she oso almos same level as me..but she older, abt 28 yr old..nt frenly, so din chat at all.. r interview in a same room.. ..i duno hw is de requirement ned act, thy din talk muc during de interview. .i jz knw thr woking hour is 8-5am , sat- 8-12pm..startin pay oso din mention.. confusin here is de HSBC n financial analyst job is confirm my applicaiton,n i can start wok on nov..by thkg abt tis 2 jobs, or reject both 2 wait for icapital confirmation? i cm out with an idea, i try HSBC job nex wek, c hw far i can learn n c hw is de woking environment, den i reject de fianncial analyst job, cz starting pay is too low (1500)den same time, waiting for icapital response,gd? after an interview, i walk around popular.. self walking in popular is realy relaxing..las time i use 2 read alone at ter oso..den i bought siewpao as lunch, so nice~

27 Oct 2008

Bukit Cahaya~

date: 25 Oct 08, sunday
venue: Bukit Cahaya shah alam
time:early morning til mid9..
planner: Yankeat
drivers: Jason, Allan, n Ambrose( 3 cars )
ginhong( freelance king), yankeat ( sai lei lo), kent ( chief), me(官), annies( designer), allan( erm, not so sure tim), meiyee(官), jiamin( student), jason(designer), ambrose ( IT engineering), leeping ( officer)and yeeling(官) 1st stt, my aunt curry mee shop..thy all said her curry mee is de bes in town~din c me rite, im nt going, cz on diet, self made breakfast in hme..haha..
yeah, arrive bukit cahaya, let tk a group pic~ my topi was flying out tht time, lost it.TT...quite lot ppl tdy, we cant rent basikal wen arrive, ned2 wait abt half an hour.so we tk tour bus 2 hang around~ all group pic~
yeah!get our basikal..tis pic so yeng, all very young!!yankeat oso look so pro~
4 season hse~
romance fel~
my lovely members...
my big geng.. 2 seasons hse, it wil be change every 2 month, nov- jan is autumn, so we experiance autumn fel in seasons hse..but stil nt satisfied, not cold enaf~oly 7-11 sudut..
i went ter abt 4 times b4, i visit spring, winter, summer, tis time is autumn, so ngam ngam all collection..de bes view wil b winter..negative sudut, very cold 1..
nex stt, we all went 2 annies hse 4 shower den depart 2 Klang 4 dinner seafoods..
while waiting for foods.. come on, ask de waiter 2 do sumthg~tk pic 4 us..
delisous foods, wic i cant eat in UK..haha..excited 2 try malaysia style..realy muc more better den UK..intro by our planner - yankeat~
we order abt 6 type of seafoods, tomyam fish, salad prawn, crab, sayur sayuran , sambal sotong, lala soup.abt RM300 for tis meal@@~
but we all very njoy eating, i termakan 1 chili padi, so so spicy!!!im ful cz i drink too muc of chinese tea after de chili padi..not bcz of de seafoods..
in front restaurant, ginhong said: what so special o?
wan2 tk in front here..but he stil tk part in photo session wo..haha
after tht, we went 2 nex stt-八号桥..suggestion fr yankeat, but kena few complaint fr us, cz we duno wat so special here, sumo walk super far 2 toilet, abt 20min walk..
gosh!! im de camera women..pro?
group pic, but look a bit blur... after tht, nex stt?we continue our journey to mac donald @ subang~ drink coke, eat fries, ice cream..tdy was my full day activities since early morning.. we r discussing in macdonald, wat is de nex destination we plan 2 go...
tht wil b Afamosa~in nov..
macdonald is so happening cz of our visit..haha ..
dismis at abt 12sumthg, arive hme at1 sumthg den swet dream~

2nd wek in malaysia....

DATE: 24 oct 08 ( friday) venue: cinema Mid valley movie: High school musical 3 tis is my dream movie wic i swear i mus watch in tis yr... but i din expect tht i wil watch by tdy.. throughtout de day, every1 seem lik busying wit their date, all busy yammcha.. but im busying 2 clean up my stuff in room.. abt 1145pm, i prepare 2 go bed... but sudd saw a guy appear in front of my door ( steve) n follow by joey..den folow by others lik Ambrose, Yanjie, YeeLing, Jinhong.. sudd thy cm into my room n ask me 2 change clothes, so blur tht time.. thy plan 2 watch musical at 12am @ midvalley.. Yeah!!lastly i get a big geng 2 watch with me, so surprise thy wil come sudd. haha.. how 2 comment abt tis movie? 1st of all, i love their dance n music..their songs are fantastic.. The opening and closing acts work best and sound good. 2ndly, i lik de main watak..he is so so handsome!!!!!! ( Troy) wahahha, beh tahan.... i din watch 1st n 2nd part b4, but after i met them in disneyland in Paris, i admire their singing n dancing.. it is realy fantastic..thy r so so young...( like me)hah... i waiting for 3in1 DVD, wan2 collec it..haha..super lik their collage life.. Date: 25 oct 08 ( saturday)
venue: badminton and genting Geng :Joey, Ambrose, jinhong, Jason, Annies, YanJie, YeeLing, Steve n Me..
Purpose: i m not sure,haha..
we jz play badminton fr 11-1pm, den went 4 lunch at sri rampai..i love badminton, so admire ppl who can play very well..
so strength in playing..Jason very pro lo@@~
yanjie is de 1 who lik 2 make joke, especially his style in badminton, realy happy 2 play with him..
fel relax.his style is use dance+badminton..very good looking..not easy le....
tdy sweat alot..so shuang
me and lovely Joey, haha..very njoy 2 chat with u act..
after badminton in Taman Melawati, my funny geng sudd voice out a terrible idea, suggest 2 hang around in genting..
so 2 cars going finally at abt 7pm..
we da bao nasilemak n siew bao as dinner, abt 9 ppl depart fr genting Klang. act nothg 2 do ter, we din went 4 gamble, but hang aroud ter..
we r makin noise along the way, n yamcha at starbuck outside de 1st world hotel..
i wonder y everythg facing 'inflation'?
mac donald oso bcm my costly foods now..haih..
quite hot, nt cold as i expected..i mis UK weather anyway..
chit chat-ing is really enjoyable..no cost, no rush..
slowly, n share everythg..alot of pics will b upload soon...

24 Oct 2008

cute gal..

a new garden near my hse..i can jog ervy day lio..haha..
she is so cute...

23 Oct 2008

happy birthday 2 joyce~


tdy HSBC interview quite fun n relax, i chat with de manager for abt half an hour, i thk i gv him a pretty wel impression.. i interest with tis job scope, cz we deal in UK market, our responsibilty is help client to trade in n out of shares..but all is under UK london exchange.that y our woking hour in office will be start on 3pm-12am, or 4pm-1am.. cz follow de market operation in UK.. tis is nt a gd thg 4 me, alt thy provide bus 2 tasik selatan lrt, (near my hse) but nt so gd 2 ask my dad 2 fetch me fr lrt everyday rite.. i lik tis job cz it is quite challenge n i can alw explore 2 market, n learn alot abt investment..basic pay is RM1900, 6months for confirmation.. alt it is quite low, but nw im jz fresh graduate so i hv no request in salary term .. let them 2 decide 4 me..after 6 month confirm, thy offer me 2 sit 4 exam, whic is 3 investment paper, is a qualification such as ACCA standard le. tis interview break in to 2 round n 1 test..so far all ok 4 me.. overall im satisfied with thy offer 2me, jz de woking hour a bit ....u knw...hihi..so late. tdy spend quite lot lio, as i haven gt any income yet, so fel a bit heart pain..haha..im thking abt de jobs nw, de HL offer me de highest pay among de 3 jobs i interview, but i learn sumthg tht nt in my interest wo, de other 2 oso nt bad, HSBC can learn wat i realy fel lik wan2 explore, but de woking hour realy kek sui, financial analyst1 is de most normal 1, salary(2k) n woking hour n woking venue is de bes 4 me 1, haha.. i thk too muc, duno wil be selected or nt..haha.. ned 2 wait abt 1 wek time.. haih.. so long..no income le..cant survive lio..money, faster drop to my hand pls.. (发发唠叨罢了)

20 Oct 2008

singk gallery...

venue: neway time sqdate: 17 october
function: gathering
model : me, Joey, Xian, ambrose, steve, huiyee, kelly, dai go, kent, pinky, ah mian, joseph
mood: extremely high

my dear Joey and me, she is my ex roomate, 4 yr younger den me, but we hv no gap n we r so close 2 each other, can sy is my bes fren in Kl..she is cute, pretty , and sweet, love u la my dear..haha

steve kising with xian, dun wory, he is nt gay..but mayb he is too lonely in Kl, cz gf stil in UK , haven come bc yet..but steve oh, realy cant accept ur style lio la..haha..but i edit n mk de pic bcm smaller, nt so clear, dun wory..sumo xian look lik gal...haha..so wonder, u can pretend til tht sweet la..haha..(kidding)
fr left:ambrose, pinky, steve, huiyee, xian, kent, and joseph( white shirt)

our purpose in k room is taking pic?abt 100 over pic on tht day...

i lik tis pic so muc, 3 singers on top, which is huiyee, steve and me..joseph, kent, daigo, joey, me, ambrose, and steve

tis pic so so yeng, 5 models are taking pics after singk..really zha dao...haha..
finally 1 day gone, go bc abt 5am..i haven adjust bc my timing yet, sin de day i arrive til nw, i ever zz in the morning at abt 5am..but i tel mysf, i play n fun enaf edi, start 2 looking jobs, interview tmr..
is time to be mysf..