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22 Sept 2008

nando in sheffield, UK..

2 x whole chicken, 2 x bottemless drinks, 1 x pitta ( burger), 4 x side orders..( fried, rice, salad, garlic breads)... 30 plus pound~ *full* christy with me, my old diploma fren...gathering with her for 2nd time in uk...
i love nando * crazy *
sp called pitta, i lov ..
funny geng..joyce with adam~i tel u all..adam hair spend 1 hour 2 set, and we 2 gal wait him for so long..haha..doesnt look different rite?? *kidding*
CCM, SS, me, christy..finance student..
Joyce with me...
after the big lunch, is time 2 exercise..we all went 4 badminton..2 hour sweating..haha..so shuang
near by badminton court..
end of day~

21 Sept 2008

from out from my hostel- Charlotte court

i been stay ter for 3 months for my UK life, 
tdy i hv 2 move out from de place that i love the most in UK..
got my tear, my smile, my happeiness, sadness,is my memorable place~
flat 50 and room 6..
im complete my degree so far, but my master stil in consideration..
now i no longer stay in my own place, 
fel paiseh 2 tumpang ppl hse ~
n ter is not as free as charlotte court life..
now althought is time to travel, but alot things haven settle..
tmr is sunday, wil met a old clsmate~christy~
we plan2  eat nando, our fav chicken agan..
fel lost after finis exam..student life gone..tht y thkg 2 tk master ( im realy lik 2 stdy?? i dun thk so lo..)
howver, im nothg 2 do here, wasting time??
fel lik wan 2 bc malaysia after my trip..
stay here 10 more days after paris by doin nothg is realy meaningless ..
anyway, i edi book my flight, and my train tic 2 air port..
so jz follow my original plan..2 more wek 2 bc malaysia..
DAD, MOM, BROTHERS..i mis u all so so muc..i mis my room, my bed, my mom cook..
sofa, malaysia foods...SO ON~
i wil be arrive at KLIA on 11oct, 2pm~
wil c my parent soon!!
take care @@~

20 Sept 2008

finance gathering~

音乐的力量真的不能忽视~ 今天无意间一边听着些许忧伤的曲调,一边想起最后一次聚会 我体会到了从未体会过的感伤:离别

chris look drunk, big red face~tis is our dinner..potato and ice cream by SS..my clsmate all look closer tdy, mayb i seldom join u all for dinner n gathering, tdy i realy can fel@@~it is nice~

u all r expert in cooking..i will mis it alot wen i bc 2 malaysia..and i wil remember it..( i thk it is hard 2 cook in malaysia~)thanks

we r having our own crazy party in downstair. alt kena complain for quite many time( bcz we r too noisy, -- 3am mid9) thy r beer-ing!! party activities include singing, guitar-ing, n so on

me, vincent, janet, shileng and tom~

bes singer~CCM~

19 Sept 2008

last exam - CTM

today done my last paper-ctm.. it consist of 80% assignment, 20% of final exam.. basically, tis paper consider ok if compare to my CF las few days ago.. fel very relax after exam, it is not a normal feling, fel lik tis is my last stdy exam in life, because we all graduate fr degree lo~ after tis exam, sum ppl join Europe trip and depart t9, sum bc malaysia... 各有各精彩~ all my finance clsmate went 2 pizza hut 4 all u can eat.. 4.99 pound for oly pizza.. (eat til vomit with cheese and bread)
almos all clsmate attend this lunch gathering~pizza jz same lik malaysia style..
but is gd memo 4 me cz it mayb las gathering 4 mewith them..
anyway, u all hv 2 tk k lo~
so full and fattening~

18 Sept 2008

nasi lemak no lemak~

cook by lovely Joyce, very delicious~thanks nasi lemak in uk, but nasi no lemak, low fat~haha..gd rite..de curry is malaysia taste, realy nice~
me, ping, n joyce~
huhu~finis eating..well done!!
me n joyce, i purposely wan2 stand behind, look slimmer, and sumo my cloths not match wit u ma..haha..neway, u look nice~

the last 3 days in Sheffield..

林凡- 隧道 時間一分一秒 心情像白雲 自在的飄 獨自坐在公園一角 任憑風衝進懷抱 十二點的鐘聲 傳遍了城市每條街道 期待擁抱 又害怕會被你知道 到底是要遠遠看你 還是靠近一點更好 我不確定 你是不是 我一直要找的主角 我用騙人的祈禱 騙自己我現在很好 和你在一起的每分每秒 就像走過 彩虹隧道 時間一分一秒 同一座城市相互尋找 獨自坐在公園一角 看著雨後的青草 十二點的鐘聲 傳遍了城市每條街道 有誰知道 我現在矛盾的心跳 到底是要遠遠看你 還是靠近一點更好 我不確定 你是不是 我一直要找的主角 我用騙人的祈禱 騙自己我已經看到 忐忑不安的背後是微笑 是我們的 彩虹隧道幻想不停圍繞 它很美也很煎熬 我卻無法選擇 要或不要 最近我都在听这首歌,考试也剩最后一张了。。 明天就是考试的最后一天, 也可以说,在sheffield 的最后三天吧! 以后会怎样? 谁懂? 你又不是神!我又不是上帝! 谁可以决定你的去向? 离我的十字路口越来越近了,往前?往左?往右?还是往后? 当我得搭上飞机回归属于自己的家园时,那一刻答案会该揭晓了吧! 很奇怪的感觉,迷失的感觉很坦然。。 有时候真的不知道自己要什么,想做些什么。。 想得到什么。。 有时候很明确自己的想法,但他人也许不赞成。。 想做的不一定能完成,有很多的阻碍,一一克服之后也许又不一样的东西出现! 人很矛盾。。 双面的想法。。 我也是这样,讨厌这样的我,没有结论。。 发完唠叨了,谢谢捧场。。 (is time to do revision )

16 Sept 2008

learning 2 edit pictures..

my pic in may-sept 2008 stil miss Scotland~

my 1st subject in exam - CF

im done badly in tis sub, realy so so bad. i knw the Q may not tht hard..but i realy done it badly. fel so sad, so disappointed. i can said im well prepare for revision, what i stdy is excatly come out. de main problem is i realy dun hv enaf time 4 that 4 Q. i spend 1.5 hour for Q 1, i left alot in las 2 Q.. i lost alot of marks in las 2Q.. i left 1 hour 4 2Q, so panic tht time.. so worst in theory part, no time !!! i saw many of us was doing well, my time management really SHIT!! now left 1 sub on thursday, but 20% oly over 100 %.. no mood ed ... stdy life gone soon..how is my future with tis stupid idiot result? acedemic so bad!! howver, sum1 told me, acedemic jz a paper la@@~. is true pun.. no 1 can predict ur future ... jz do ur best ..cheer

14 Sept 2008

las day revision

edit by TTM@@~
huhu, las day revision, so panic, tension, scary, horrible, terrible, complicated, my god!!
exam exam exam !! tis time super las minute..alw las min.com..
haih!! god bless..exam on tmr n thurs. 15 n 18 sept..den holiday~huhu!!
all the best

13 Sept 2008

las 2 day b4 exam~

blue friday~

tdy din stdy wel, i jz back from badminton and UNI to get a Europe letter.tdy i receive unconditional lettr for master course, alt im stil thkg to accpet or not because of visa matter, but everythg will be fine rite, jz focus in exam 1st..
tdy gt finance gathering, but i din go cz im too sensitive..
mayb im thkg toomuc..
haih, exam left 2 days, duno how to focus ...
sum ppl was done for revsion, is it im too stupid?
looking at de Q but brain not function..
thoery or calculation shd focus>??
both oso half bottle of water...
sad la~

12 Sept 2008

SHE gt new songs!!

SHE is back to my life!!haha..i love them so much..

11 Sept 2008


tdy went 2 bank with kent to settle debit card, credit card, internet banking stuffs..after gao tim everythg, he suddently suggest to meadowhall..i tertarik by shopping agan..so i "4get" abt exam~haha... going by tram, 3.5 pound day return ticket.tdy i din stdy at all,after settle sumthg in bank den straight go shopping, even at hme oso din stdy, duno how 2 die in tis exam, even bad den my college time las time.alt im quite sca..plan 2 stdy tmr, hop i can realy focus~ i bought tis pant in a sport shop which going to close down, so 7 pound oly..big discount.. n i bought 2 more shirt and 1 bag, total 29 pound lo..haha..i bougth lot new shirts recently, so wen i go bc Malaysia, all old shirts can throw edi...( so waste ah?haha, in case overweight i mean.)dun wory, i oly bring few shirt fr malaysia..
my lunch~my fav Nando chicken..wat is de diferent is ter r more sources in UK, got extra extra hot sumo wic can realy make my tear come out.. me taken by kent~
our set, at 1st he say wan2 eat whole chicken, sca me~but i tel u, the burger super nice wic cant eat in Malaysia, my 2nd time 4 Nando in UK..menu oso different with Malaysia 1~ bags can make me crazy~i plan 2 buy agan in London and Paris, 2 more weks to go~excited.. tis dress very very nice, at least mk me look slimmer..haha..but 32 pound, a bit exp, so i din buy..take a pic oso satisfied..and sumo impossible wear tis kind of shirt 2 paris ba~
tea break~cheese cake plus coffee= perfect meal..wic realy can mk me fat..haih~"FAT"~~wen will away fr my body????any1 who can tel me hw 2 diet b4 i go bc Malaysia?i look so bengkak!!hate it@@~
we din tk dinner ter, after bc hme i cook thai fried rice, but de outlook no thai feel at all..haha..but taste gt a bit la, they all say not bad, satisfied la,haha..thz so muc 4 "maggi"..Ajinamoto..Wahahahahha~
a very gd day, tmr no more hang out, after tis blog i realy ned 2 put 100% effort in stdy ed la~
wis me de best la~haha...mis u all so much tim@@~

9 Sept 2008

my classmate, last day in stdy...

me and siewwen, de cutiest gal in AFI siewlee, me, siewwen, shuping, AFI gals r not complate, 3 more missing~
my flat president, chris~haha~ me n andy, top presenter in cls, blow water king, im blow water queen!!aa~~
my coursemate, clsmate, flatmate, floormate, n gd buddy~ liphan, CCM(profesor in future), me, siewlee, and andy.. me and CCM me n shuping, she realy geng in acting wo??!!true??
time past so fas,3 month stdy life gone soon, and all busy with preparation 4 exam..but
me stil steady, 5 days 4 revision, hhaha..
haih, duno how oso..
cham!! after exam all will bc Malaysia lo..realy mis my stdy life~anyway, gd luc 2 every1,
all de bes in exam, and mis u all so muc..