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30 Nov 2008

happy brithday 2 huiyee

tdy is our dear dear huiyee birthday, 30 nov..
now i thk u r njoyin with ur family n parent lo.. neway, no present 4 u tim, wil treat u eat wen we met~ok?? hop u lik de 3 edit pic ya, jz wan2 drop u a wishes here.. u told me tht u wan2 go paris in 1 day, wis u archieve ur dreams asap.. n realy glad 2 knw u, a very sweet gal n pretty in my geng.. nice, outgoing, cute, n sweet.. kep stay happily n tk k alw ya.. all de best in ur stdy~ muakz....@@~

28 Nov 2008

15 nov 2008 PD BBQ

our organizer, leemeiyee~she plan everythg, includ foods, booking, entertainment, drinks..haha, so great my dear~ we start at abt 8pm , thy r preparing n im de camera women 2 snap every of their proces evrythg bought by meiyee, n de quantity abit too muc..but it is nice for game finally.. all very expert.. a group photo taken by daigo, he is not in de pic so nt consider as a perfect grp pic couple shirt with hwiyee~ mian, hyee, me, leeping daigo is de main watak here, starting now... half way 2 process~ yeah! done..is mix ( female mix male) haha, gd body shape?33,22,33...but bird sumo..
huhu, finis!
de remaining foods we use as compensate for group who r lose in game!huiyee eat til sca jor..

27 Nov 2008

my spirit to travel...

alt i alw plan to go everywer..
but sum ppl r disagree.
is it we shd go b4 we gain any asset or we shd go after debt free for every asset?
for me,
i wis 2 go b4 i involve to any commitment..
1st, im now is debt free ( got, ptptn)..single, no car no hse. no childrens ( seem lik empty),
easy 2 plan 4 travelling..
easy to leave fr job..
after archieve my travelling dream den oly start 2 gain my asset ..
by step by step..
car ( no car lisence nw), hse ( i wan2 stay with my family )..
or mary ( stay hubby hse?sure nt biasa, or mayb i won get marry,haha)..
n so on...
tdy i view to few website abt de air ticket,
i saw fr airasia, to london oly ned RM499 ( t&C apply). very cheap if compare to my previous fligh to london..
abt Taiwan flight, i thk RM3k average for tour abt 1wek..
but we prefer backpack..
so air tic i thk ard 2k plus..
stil looking for cheaper flight..
for meiyee bali trip, super cheap fr air asia, oly RM399 for 3days..
but im sure alot of hidden cost..
u muz plan baik baik lo~
sum of my frens stil lookin for jobs now,
all de best 2 ur guys ya~~
lihuey~Uk weather seem very very cold now rite, take more pic n upload it,
i wan2 c autumn n winter view..n wil mis u sumtime.tk k ~

26 Nov 2008


今天很奇怪,有喜有悲.. 我是怎么了.. 最近肠胃不好,偶尔会疼痛.. 是咖啡喝多了吗?还是女人月病啊? 公司的咖啡自动机安装在于我的十步以内.. 咖啡细胞常常提醒我.. 我的老毛病又发作... 咖啡因太多对身体不好..(难道抽烟的人不知道抽烟会死的早吗?) 人就是犯贱,很多时候都爱明知故犯.. 以前有个朋友告诉我: 当没有ideas做决定时,就跟着感觉走.. 但是我常常碰钉子,撞板... 很痛..我觉得我的直觉超烂.. 作决定是一种转折点.. 很刺激,很挑战.. 人生就是充满选择.. 很多事情我们都没有机会做选择, 你天生的父母,你天生的样貌..聪明,出生家庭.. 等等..你不能嫌弃.. 上天给我不好的,但是一定有它的用意..你不能侮辱.. 每件事都有它的好处.. 但是你可以决定以后的事情.. 说完悲的.. 该说喜的... 今天是发薪日.. 经理发给每一位同事,我心想: 算了..也不会有我份..:: 埋头苦干的同时, 一张print out receipt提上我的眼前.... 哈哈!! 我发薪了.. 一共RM15XX.XX 虽然不是第一次赚钱,也不是一个大数字。。。 but im de 1st person 2 start wokin among my frens... im de 1st person 2 start earn among all fresh graduates.. 要怎样花,要怎样花? 我不是爱花的人啦。。 花-flowers?? 哈哈。。不过这个户口的钱我不会碰的。。 tis account i call as travel account~ for my Taiwan trip nex yr~ as i said: nothing is impossible ~

25 Nov 2008

prety yeeling n me..

aiks, i oly hv tis 2 pic for our PD bbq..


how big is rm10? my target for tis wek, rm10 oly 4 my sepnding fr mon-fri.. possible? tis month no salary cz nt yet wok 4 full 1 month.. SURE CAN.. meiyee is de head of BALI trip, me is de Head of taiwan trip.. 2 way 2 increase saving: 1) earn more 2) spend less i implemented both of de 2 way now.. alw bring sumthg fr my hse 4 dinner, transport (return) is includ by company.. 1 day fix cost is RM1.7 (lrt) RM1.7 x 5 = ?? total= les den RM10~~/ wek haha, guys, nt every1 can do so..but plz dun 引诱me for other entertainments..*~*

24 Nov 2008

my latest edit..

another weekend..

date- 22 n0v ( sat) clean up my messy room..
hey kiat,mom, cheeyong..remember urs flowers during my convo las 2 wek..tdy i clean up my room n clean up ur flowers as well..all dry n im so 'cretive ', wahaha..
use it as decoration in my room..nice? it was mix up by 3 different type of flowers..
i stil gt heart2 kep everythg tht presented by u all le..
来不及上去换票,所以只好改plan lo..
venue- sushi stt @kepong near carrefour..
price- rm20.80 per persons..
comment- so so oly cz nt muc chose, but with de low price is consider worth~
watak-me, yiwei, yunjing, allen n ming
seafood steamboat, sushi, tepayaki, n ice cream..
can order as muc as u can..
allen order too muc of fried foods, cant finis le..but wat 2 do, hv 2 eat otherwise hv2 pay 4 remaining foods,haha...so so so full le..@@~
date- 23 nov ( sunday)
venue- big book in the mines MIECC
Rm2 for entrance
tdy is las day, definately full of peoples..n ling yu zhong is having mini concert ter, big crowd..
i went ter with sum body who dun lik 2 read, thy all stand beside n wait me..
im paiseh 2 make them boring..haih~
but anyway, i bought a book..hihi..so happy 2 c alot interesting book.
but no budget 2 buy all..
and tis month no salary le, wil postpone 2 end of dec ( 2 months sekali gus)...so tis month hv 2

21 Nov 2008

learn a new system..

finally i done my 3 days training.. finally i get my ID 2 log in 2 de comp system.. finally i touch with de system n start my job..help client 2 trade in n trade out..it is so funny stuff 2 learn .. it is a real investment world, alot of terms r familiarwic i learn during my diploma n adv diploma..now is real practical..so satisfied 2 learn.. cz system is so complicated n full of weird codes.. hv 2 memories..each code stand 4 diff meaning.. yest gt a black case happen..so a bit moodless..my hp nearly kena rampas, cz we r nt allow 2 bring in hpbut i stil do so...nt dare 2 bring anymore in coming days.. so scary...quite strict 2 wok in investment firm, all electric device stuffs r nt allow 2 bring in..cz all customers info r p&c.. looking forward 2 a new wekend.. alot of thg haven complete, muz done it by tis wekend..@@~

20 Nov 2008

normal but meaningfull day..

im jz bc fr cheras pasar malam, it been long time i din go 9market i thk abt half yr.. las time i was kaki9market, 5 days/wek with my cousin during my YOUNG age( now getting old d).. fel so great, but it was rainin whole 9, n getting wet wen we bc.. but i ate sumthg tht i mis so long.. such as....bla bla bla..wow, cant list out..too many..gain weight agan!! tdy i done a test in HSBC, 44 multiple Q, i oly score 29, wic mean 66% oly.. erm, satisfied? so so oly.. highest abt 90%.. is a senior manager,so mine1 consider ok lo.. erm, tdy talk abt career path, we hv alot of potential 2 get job bcm better.. fel motivated after tis 3 days training.. fel lik wan2 tk all the exam tht offer by them to increase my qualification..de exam named IAQ(investment admin qualification), 3 papers in total.. anyhow, im stil new in tis company.. but im looking forward to tis.. so great, fel so gd!! and so gd 2 yeeling, get job offer finally.. gambatte gal!!

18 Nov 2008

my 3 days training in HSBC.

finally i get bc to my normal daily life, can rest ealier, can tk dinner together with family.. but oly 4 tis 3 days, start thurs wil bc 2 normal woking hour, wic is 4-1am... tis 3 days learn alot abt london stock excange, new york n toyko stock.. sum topic mk me blur~ neway, i lik 2 learn all tis thgs.. fel great 2 learn sumthg new... i wis 2 get chance to learn higher n complex stuff.. self improvement.. reading busniess new every wek.. exercise every wek.. my balance life style gona start.. lihuey, read ur blog.. dun wok in slowboat la, sound so LC la de manager..stupid la.. gambatte a.. tmr wil b my las day training lo.. like 2 learn investment knowledge.. hihi.. sum ppl r verybusy with assign rite, gambatte ah all my frens!! gd luc@@~

the curve

date: 16 nov, sunday venue: the curve n ikea movie: manacsaka( duno hw 2 spell) meal: kimgary conclusion: the movie nt realy nice n de meal is so so oly..

15 Nov 2008

my convo on 8 nov, tarc

graduation is just the begining, i start my another chapter of life..no more hihihah n 38-ing lik b4(but my style is hihihah n 38-ing alw)..
start to build my career n achieve wat i want in my life by step by step..
it doesnt mean i ned 2 gv up all de chance of fun..
i wil stil pursue my dreams, n travellin ard de world n eat all de nice foods ard de world..
all fr my frens, thx guys
AFI+AEC= happ graduation...
my Kl buddies who alw be with me..meiyi,allan,yanjie,ginhong,huiyee,me,daigo,joey, william n steve@@~ AFI students..snowy,chris,laiyie,leetheng,me,tom n SS my lovely jimui, joey n huiyee after 4 yr in collage, im graduate ,yeah!! my parent with my gengs..
both of them r my ex roomate, kaka, beisan n me..both of them r my very best buddies..mis u so muc, n all de bes ya!!
my lovely cousin n her family who alw guide n help me alot in my education area..thx so muc n i graduate tdy, u help me alot along de way!! 2 cousins with their childrens..
my spirit come fr my family..
my biggest hapiness in my life, is get urs support along de way.. i love u@@~