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30 Apr 2009

last 2 day in current firm

went tru few interview tis month, butvery job oso haven confirm cz i wish to get 1 month off in may, u knw why???????? cz i will be travel to BALI on 18 may - 21 may 2009, den i wish 2 complete my car lesson in this month, beside, i want to manage my cash flow properly, and so on . tdy is my last 2 days to wok in current firm, fel very happy cz been release soon. tmr is labour day , but stil ned 2 wok ( UK no labour day) next monday onward, i will be training in an investment advisory firm , after that continue with 2 nd interview , but tdy i went for an interview in sales and marketing firm, fel not bad too.. every1 said that nw is susah cari makan lo.. but thk positively la, alot of ppl success during eco downturn!! lastly, wish all the CIMA student all the best in ur CIMA exam, ah bei, luhuey, emily, Max. dun fel tension, jz do ur best!! i believe u all can pass this time, all right gd luck! weekend coming, april gone. my bali plan is 7788, shd be a great trip agan! c u all soon ~

24 Apr 2009

famine 30,饿三十个小时!!

join us for famine30, on 22aug, n 23 aug,al YGF mebers, let do sumthg meaningful, let we go together, experiance it, meeting on 2 may~

20 Apr 2009

lovely weekend -- saturday

wish xian happy birthday , all the best xian ~~
xian and his gf, quite pretty gal~

lovely weekend~SUNDAY

19 april 2009 i sleep untill 11am, wake up automatically. so tire after a whole nite 'high' last nite. i tot i can fully rest tdy but it seem like impossible after i rec phan mang call and continue with jason cal. i went to my favourite ban mee for lunch with TM, cz he will be going to singapore at 3pm must eat full before depart.. i addict to ban mee in this few months, seem lik i m sure wil be going for once in a week. kakakkaka~~ nice or nt? sure very nice la.... den my afternoon plan is go midvalley, acc my fren for lunch den rush bc AND DEPART TO PD! 2 cars- 9 ppls- plus 1 seremban fren(meiyee)

arrive at 6pm le, quite late. but we manage 2 play a game call banana boat--

no pic to show~

rm15 and been throw from boat for 5 time..

few accident happen, yeeling injure on nose but it is nt serios, jz a bit blooding, me -- my face abit bengkak after terlanngar with a strong shoulder *pain* but quite fun..

funy fellow with alot of gals bag~
grp pic,but de camera man (unknown) a bit keksui, too far la wei~~! meiyee, who seldom join us but heart close with us ~ 38 jia yee...getting closer with her after she join in YGF hahaha
weiyin , me, yeeling, annies, and jiayee meiyee
our dinner recommend by meiyee, is a seafood restaurant near pd.
alen love crab de most as u all know lo, c his plate~
go bc kl at abt 10plus, but all teeneger is very energetic..
we continue with yamcha til abt 2am den oly bc hme!!
tmr all woker ned 2 wk up early, student is busy with stdyin cz they r in stdy week now..
tmr wil be monday blue agan except me,
cz me wok at 3pm, ( til 1may )
this is a office bag tht present by annies 2 me, not for my birthday ...
but she said " wish u al de best in job hunting"
wowo, im so touching wit her , she is such a nice gal i ever meet..
by de way, i told her b4 tht im lookin 4 a proper woking hand carry..
den she remember n present2 me on las wek ~~
she is really nice and kind , love her so muc !!
( dun thk so muc, she gt bf, nt lesbian, ok, and of cz, i oso nt a lsebian )

17 Apr 2009

feeling down

i cant force ppl to follow my way. tht y i ned 2 thk another way round, rite? confusing mode, rite or left, alw gt 2 option wen mk a decision. realy complicated, if human can stay as their wish, den gd. but there wil bcm bore life....~ haha, im jz fa ngam fung....**

14 Apr 2009

monday eastern

tdy us monday eastern dAY, mean uk holiday and im rest tdy..
tis wek i hv 4 days rest includ gd friday las wek.
damn tire recently, not phiscally..
but is mentally...
alot of problem happen behind me, alot of thg ned 2 be settle
i hop it wil be gone as soon as poss..
ath i edi submit my letter,
i have 2 wok til 1may, includ labour day
cz tht is nt a public holiday under uk........~~!!!!
i hate my hair , it look messy all the day, i plan 2 do rebond sin long time ago...
since tdy im free,
so i went to salon and wish to change a new look ( alt no diff la)
long time din go salon edi, so poor @@~~sit 4 4hour plus to dye, and straighten
i dye a brown natural colour, and straighthen my hair.
wow ,it look more tidy at least@@~~
alot of my frens ask ...
about my job hunting.
so far i went for few interview las wek,
IBM ned 2 wait for de 3 rd interview...( sian diao )...
cz i start interview since end of feb, fed up and no mood to wait edi..
another 1 is lik investment advisor, it is interesting..and
i wil start traning on may once i leave my current job.
hop ervythg going smoothly..
at tis moment,
now is my down-est part in my life cycle......
u won believe how tough is me even i tel u my current situation.
cz i oso never expect those bad thg kep on happen 2 me.

13 Apr 2009


add my facebook joan_tang85@yahoo.com

3 Apr 2009

new start

new start after phuket trip~ wonderful island, delicious lobster, frenly ppl, and best trip ever! after tis trip, i gonna look 4 better job n pursue my dreams! alot of ppl said eco downturn, not easy to get job, even get oso low paid.. but i stil resign at tis moment, mean? positive thkg, alot of ppl success during eco downturn too, who knw, mayb im de next, kakak anyhw, tis is de best time to experiance, nothg is impossible!