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31 Dec 2008

las day of 2008

seem lik long time din update my blog.. come 2 de las day of 2008, tis morning edi done my setting of goals.. sem lik alot hv 2 achieve nex yr, hop i realy can get all tht i plan by step by step.. tdy i cant 38-ing with my geng, cant go countdown, cant go 4 dinner, cant hihihaha with u all.. cham~ hv2 count down in my department, can c fireword toward fr my window in office... gd or bad le?? atlis no ned 2 jam with de crowd of ppl lo.. neway, new yr, cow yr, new startin, new challenging life, wis u all de bes, ervythg come true.. stay happily alwys, no matter hw hard is our life, muz smile 2 ursf n stay cheer!!!!!!!!!

29 Dec 2008


annies look lik圣诞女郎..haha all gals.
pinky,me,suki, joey,
meiyee, huiyee and kelly....
sai mai lou........made by jason....guo ran @@!!!geng la....!!!!!!!
merry xmas,is ter a santa clous at behind of us?
wow, very nice bbq chicken wing..but i din eat any on tht day ...
me n brother steve lo..
2 couples??definately not la..meiyee is a gal la..( jz kiding) n steve n kelly at behin..bt i duno their fingure is pointing @ moon??????
lovely couple,kent n pinky..pinky is my neighbour, she stay opposite of my hse, so she is de 1 st listener wen i ned sum1 to talk....haha my dear dear..annies, joey n huiyee@~~~~
thanks so so muc dear
me n meiyee..both brithday gal..wis u de bes..muakz~
happy birthday 2 u... happy birthday 2 u... happy birthday 2 u...
happy birthday 2 u...
happy birthday 2 u...

27 Dec 2008

2nd celebration - BBQ

my birthday cake~ me n steve.
thy r busying 2 put the number to every of the xmas gifts..oly suki look @ my camera~thy r writing number ter.. 22 of gifts..( how gd if all gifts r belong 2 me) 1,2,3.......smile..Merry xmas, cheers!!!!!

26 Dec 2008

1st- celebration with daigo @ 水吧王,kepong

wish all my dreams come true.....@~ thanks for every1 and special thks 4 daigo...MUakz all ~~

24 Dec 2008

23 dec, 2 days 2 go 4 XMAS!!

im countown for xmas..santa coming to town...
tdy rec a xmas gift fr company..is my LOVELY CHOCOLATE~~
wahahha... a very nice packing, n de chocolate is too nice..tmr start my holiday ..
5 days off since wed-sund......@~

22 Dec 2008

wekend 20, 21 dec 2009

tdy met a very very messy guy~alex chen..my ex Diploam clsmate n ever is my best buddy in KL..he can sing very wel n won de 2nd prize in a smal singing competition in Hapy garden, bt he din plan2 treat me lo~ venue _ mid valley @ 12pm tis guy ah, alw ask me acc him 2 cut hair by his "belong" hairstylis @ midvalley, wat 2 do? i sit beside n wait lo~ tis is his finally look..
self shoot in sushi king..i lov sushi so muc n i force him2 eat with me.hahah
me n him..we took alot of pic las time b4 i depart 2 uk, bt wen we use 2 compare now n previous pic, found tht....he is getting a little bit fatter..me?more " prettier", hahaha~~~
me with big ear ring..alw de same look.but ..if i short cut myhair, i thk all of my geng wil run away..cz thy say my face too BIG gila shoot.~ eat so litle oly@ 恭和堂喝凉水..他说我眼球带白,发热气.... full of xmas fel in midvalley..
1,2,3....his skill realy bad..haih..de tree portion is too lttle le..
act i plan 2 buy camera, but walk whole day oso no idea..so we went watch 'the day the earth stook stil" no idea with tis movie, i fel so so lo..but he say: WOW, very very nice, very very meaningfull'
mayb gua..it depend, mayb i more prefer straight foward type..ahha..
tdy daigo them was celebrate my birthday in adv @ kepong @ 830pm, no pic 2 share cz using meiyee camera..patient n i wil upload asap~my 1 st celebration tis yr~~~~~~~~~ SUNDAY early morning went 2 to watch YES MAN
with taiming @ 1u @ 11am.it is too early 4 me n blur blur whole day.
tis is funny n wake me up in cinema..haha..alw say YES wil change ur life?i thk mayb, cz wen u say YES, u edi commit ursf 2 tht certain stuff...
eat tang yuan @ ming's sister hse..so big....
after tht, met elain n annies, allan @ the curve
finaly i bought mysf a camera as my birthday present @ the curve intro by allan...is panasonic lumix brand.
haha,finally i hv my own camera wic i plan 4 super long time..i can snap as muc as i can with my 4G memory card..ahhaha..
elain is tryin2 art cute, any comment/???
seriously, VERY CUTE LO~~
rush bc 2 sereamban @ 7pm for dinner..
im sure u never try tis, 咸菜汤圆..create by my gmom sin long time ago, 1st time i try tis special dishes, haa..taste ah, no comment..but my dad say very nice..start my dinner @ abt 8...so njoy n happening nite alot of little cousins, thy lik 2 makin noise n been scold finally by parent, very funny with them.long time din sit n eat with family.( I WOK NIRE SHIFT MA) tuan yuan tuan yuan......
tuan tuan you yuan yuan....
warm ending with tis dinner for tis wekend...

18 Dec 2008

xmas celebration in adv~~shine mood

self shoot wen waiting lrt~
self shoot in locker room~( cz camera cant bring in to processing floor)
finally im fel muc more better tdy, better mood n looking forward 4 holidays nex wek.. i thk i edi done wat i shd done, i had explain everythg, explain every misund to u.. if misund stil exist, den i thk tht is out of my control d... but i hv done wat i shd~ other hv 2 depend on others n c hw other ppl thkZ~ tdy my department was celebrate xmas in adv, no cameras are alow 2 bring in , so ter is no pic 2 upLOAD~ pretty sad~ haih~ anyway. tdy we celebrate xmas in adv ( realy too adv) gift exchange n makan makan n minum minum~ gt my fav KFC and SECRET CAKE le!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahahah.. alot of fun tdy. alot of prizes given to best dress winner, xmas queen n king wic vote by all of us n so on~ definately winner is nt me la~ alt im a real xmas gal~wahahahh~ fel lik... all of them r nice n funny. gila gila geng~hoho~ i thk i find bc mysf, tis kind of life is belong 2 me, stay happily n smile, n 38-ing alw~ las few day was realy moody~now alw thk positive as daigo told me..do my part n let other ppl decide other part ba~ but sumhw, life stil going..nice 2 hv u all~ wekend is coming agan~alw excited when thkg 2 met u all. realy mis~ p/s: elaine~dun say no place 2 cook la..haha.i gv u 2 option, 1 is cook in my hse, 2nd is cook in ur frens hse..c u tis sat..nite, 830pm, kepong, me n meiyeee birthday dinner~( but i wis 2 watc de day de earth stook still and chiwawa)